Monday, April 30, 2007

GhettoRuckus Muthufuckus

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

Sooooooooo We're back with part 2 a heavyer more raw giant clam.

Tracklisting goes something liiiiiiiike

1. Does it Offend You, Yeah? ---- Battleroyale (Founditongoogle edit lol)

2. The Klaxons ---- Golden Skans (Switch Remix)
3. Does it Offend You, Yeah? ---- Battleroyale
4. Bag Raiders ---- Fun Punch (Whitenoise Remix)
5. Superstar ---- Blaqstarr (Tactic Remix)
6. Does It Offend You, Yeah ---- Wierd Science
7. Coline ---- Super Commodore (Philipe De Boyar Remix)
8. Justice ---- Waters Of Nazareth (John Redden Remix)
9. Justice ---- Waters Of Nazareth (Erol Alkan's Durr durr edit)
10. Justice ---- B.E.A.T (Extended Mix)

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Blow Up Sydney (Part 1)

Blow Up Sydney Part 1 - enjoy 56 minute mix of glitz pop indie smakin electronica ;)


1. Peanut Butter Jelly Time - Claude Von Stroke (Claude Von Stroke & Julio Ingles Miami doodoo bootleg)
2. It's What We Do - Whitenoise
3. True Skool - Coldcut (Switch Remix)
4. Love today - Mika (Switch Remix)
5. Shake & Pop Ft. Walter Phillips - Green Velvet
6. Green & Red - R-TEM (Woodies Brainfuckup mix)
7. Eurobaby - James Taylor
8. Waiting For - Red Hot Chilli Peppers (Rene Amez & Peter Gelderblom Remix)
9. Take Me Back To Your House - Basement Jax (Micky Slim's Everybodt's had enuff mix)
10. Walkman - Sebastian (Discomulis-ha-touchup)
11. She's My Man - Scissor Sisters (Goose Remix)
12. I Don't Feel Like Dancin - Scissor Sisters (Teenage bad Girl Remix)
13. We Are Rockstars - Does It Offend You, Yeah? (Woodie Remix)
14. Gravity's Rainbow - Klaxons (Kavinsky Synth & Vocal Extension)
15. Fun Punch - Bagraiders (Whitnoise Remix)
16. (a) Jacques your body - Les Rythmes Digitales (Switch Remix)
(b) Bucky Done Gun - M.I.A (Vocal Only)
17. I Still Remember - Bloc Party (Sebastian Remix)


Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Welcome Biatches to Ghettoruckus dj's dickface mp3 blog.
Lets get cracking with the tunes shall weeeeeee?

The first track is a rework I finished yesterday of r-tem's green & red. Packs a wicked bassline, some cool vocals definatly one to watch out for in the coming weeks.